Baot Trip Olympos - Water Island Baot Trip Olympos - Water Island

To join this tour,1 day in advance booking is needed, at the latest. On the day of the tour, the participants gather at the Activity Center at 10.00 am to go to

Adrasan. Adrasan is 16 km away from Olimpos. The yacht departs from Adrasan beach around 10.30 am. After a half an hour trip, the spring water near

Suluada is reached. There, you can drink healing spring water and fill up your bottles. This pure and cool mineral spring water comes to the surface from the

depths of Toros Mountains. You can come close to cave side of island and take some photos. Then, a swimming break is given near the beach and also lunch is

also served there. This is best and longest break of the tour, because gilt-head bream or perch is served in this rich menu. After lunch, another swiming break is

given at the American Bay, where mixed fruits are served. The yacht returns to Adrasan along coast covered with pine forests.

The participants will be back at the camp around 17.30